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Divisional Leader | Agent Since 2012

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RJ MARTIN | Scottsdale, AZ

RJ Martin started with USHA in 2012 and is the Division Leader for Arizona.


“Leading our team to success is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things I’ve done in my career,” RJ says. “Our company’s mission is ‘Helping Other People Everyday,’ and that help is both internal and external. An important part of that help is team culture. Our culture is one of encouragement, commitment, and integrity. Joining our team needs to be a fit for the individual AND for our company. The right person has the determination, ability, and desire to help others. Alongside my leaders and team members, we work to create an opportunity for personal growth, professional advancement, success, encouragement, and the last career anyone will need.”

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Satellite Leader | Agent Since 2018

Before I got into the health insurance industry I had no idea what health insurance was (as most would agree). Although I signed up for health coverage every year, I was not aware of what a deductible or max out-of-pocket was until one day I ended up in the hospital. Once released from the hospital I received a $22,000 bill in the mail. Assuming I was covered I had no idea how much of the bill I was going to be liable for. Once I figured it out, my jaw dropped realizing I had to pay the first $10,000 out of pocket in order for my plan to cover the rest of my bill. 


Do you think this was alarming? Wait, there was more... The hospitalization took place in December, which meant the deductible would reset the following month since it was going to be a New Year. Well, not a bad way to find out how health insurance works and of course finally figure out what my deductible and max out of pocket was... 


This made me look into the health insurance industry and see if there was a better way to educate those seeking health coverage on the front end instead of them having to learn the hard way. 


YES! I found a better way, US Health Advisors. I became self-employed and found a method where I am able to walk you through the entire features and benefits via a screen share.


My MISSION as a health insurance agent is to H.O.P.E (Help Other People Everyday) by educating you on the options available. 

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Field Sales Agent| Agent Since 2015

I joined US Health Advisors in 2015. I was stuck in a job that allowed me a way to pay my bills, but I never really made any money. Being married with two children, I wanted to find a way to provide a better life for me and my family.  Not only did I find that here, but I was able do that while helping other families along the way. If you're serious about making a change and willing to work hard, you found the right place. 

Debra Mandt Headshot
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DEBRA MANDT | Scottsdale, AZ

Field Sales Leader | Agent Since 2018

My career has always been based on helping others, so USHA was a perfect fit!

I’m a wife, mother of two great kids, and an entrepreneur at heart. When I joined USHA in 2018, I was looking for a place where I could build a business while genuinely helping people. In this stage of my life, after having a long career as an executive fundraiser and business owner, it was important to find an opportunity with uncapped growth and income-building potential and after just a few short years, this has exceeded my expectations. I even recruited my husband Marc to join me and we now work together as leaders to help others realize their dreams. Working with USHA has been a life-changing experience for our family and I cannot imagine doing anything else!

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MARC MANDT | Scottsdale, AZ

Field Training Agent | Agent Since 2018

I am excited to expand my ability to serve others as a licensed insurance agent. I have the privilege of working with individuals, the self-employed, small business owners, and families to help them custom tailor plans for their specific needs.

I am a fourth-generation entrepreneur and have been involved in several ventures as a founder, co-founder, and as part of the management team. These experiences include a very successful mid-sized family business, technology startups, turnarounds, a first-mover SaaS company, creating a niche outsourced call center, and other technology ventures. I have also had the privilege to coach and mentor entrepreneurs as part of an accelerator program as well as student entrepreneurs at the university level.

I am passionate about helping companies and people become better by utilizing my knowledge and experience to help with new initiatives, strategy and market analysis, sales process improvement, generating new revenue streams, and building great teams with winning cultures. 

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CARLOS RIVERA | Scottsdale, AZ

Field Training Agent | Agent Since 2022

In 2022, I made the leap from the mortgage industry to a career in health insurance, driven by the desire for unlimited earning potential. Feeling constrained by earning caps in mortgages, I sought a field with greater growth opportunities. Drawing on my financial services background, I quickly adapted to the health insurance industry. Now, I'm excited about the unlimited earning potential and the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by helping them find the right insurance coverage. Having found my passion, I'm committed to excelling in this field and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

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